Sunday, April 24, 2011


which happens to rhyme with fellatio is the italian word for ice-cream.

i know i know.
lick lick. slurp slurp.

today my momma and i went for the festival of fireworks or whatever its called.

so freaking beautiful. luckily for us our hotel is on the street of the Duomo, amazing amazing building.

went shopping yesterday. in the words of kanye.

i shop so much i can speak italian.
no seriously tho. im broke *pouts* too many beautiful bags and purses.

and yall know bags are my weakness.

sadly my Momma did NOT buy any for me *wailsss*

apparently i havent reached the point of carrying pure italian leather bags.

we THEN. walked into one shop and she made me pick out a briefcase for her. when i saw this beautiful beautiful beautiful 500 euro blood red briefcase.

*sniff* i dunno what im going to doooo.
im going to have 2 marry a politican. because i doubt any man that earns his money properly would be generous like that.

so after dancing around the briefcase. my mother took pity on me and paid.

*wakes up from slumber*

fear didnt even allow me show her sef. before she will land me back hand slap. for being greedy. and knowing my momma. this is not impossible. anyways i took some pictures to masturbate with. after watching my momma pay for hers. *side eye*

anywaysss fun holiday so far. beautiful beautiful city.

esihh went clubbing on friday with my sister.
all her friends had oyibo lovers. abi toasters.

one of them's russian lover. cant speak english to save the queen.

so thats how we were sitting down ordering drinks o. i now tried to form conversation with oyibo. as i cant now be a slacker nko.

thats when he said in the sexieeeeeessssssssst russian accent everrrrr. "no speak english" *pulling pants up*

so i asked my sister. erm sorry o but how do these people(referring to her friend and her russian boo) communicate.

then he looked at me like i was oh so retarded. and replied in the most condescending manner " google translator off course" almost sounded like. are you dumb.


anywaaaaays. i got of the bb wagon. finally. more productivity at work. can i get an AMENNNNN!

for now sha.

ok gatta go shopping.

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